A prestigious office on the water

Whether as a showroom, training space or workplace – with a Cruising Office, you can let people physically experience the exclusivity and emotionality of what you, as a company, offer: just invite customers, partners and employees on board. Alternatively, you could sail to where they are, for example, during fairs in cities on the Rhine, Main or Elbe. Even internationally, the waterways are open for your Cruising Office.

Corporate design for your
flagship office

Would you prefer the perfect entry-level vessel, with one office level and all the mod cons, or a top-flight houseboat with two residential/office floors and a large-scale skydeck? Just by choosing a Cruising Office, you are reflecting your corporate identity. And what about design? Here you can realise your corporate image: you determine the colours and materials to use on the interior and can tell us how to incorporate your logo in the new flagship office: from banners to inlaid decoration in the conference table, everything is possible.


Create the ideal setting for your business success


The perfect berth for your perfect workplace

Whether you want the Floater 1250 for slow-moving water, the Floater 1500 for faster currents, the Explorer or Explorer XT for inshore and coastal waters or the Trawler 2000, which can sail ove the oceans: if you decide to use a houseboat as a floating office, we will arrange the optimum berth for you. You can find a selection of attractive marinas here – just get in touch if you and your company want to find a mooring in a different region. Do you want to find out more about various aspects of floating offices? We will be happy to explain further during an personal consultation in Harlingen or Düsseldorf.

Sail with your customers on the water during nice weather. Up on the sun deck with a light breeze through your hair and a view over the water. An experience that your customers will remember for a long time and that will lead to new ideas together.

A houseboat as a company office: your advantages as an entrepreneur

  • All investment costs are tax-deductible

  • Leasing could also be attractive

  • With your Cruising Office or floating showroom, you stand out positively against the competition

  • The exclusive environment increases how attractive you are as an employer  

Working in incredibly beautiful surroundings: Immobilien Mischler set an example

  • From March 2021, Immobilien Mischler’s craft, “Edelweiss”, will start to cruise Lake Lucerne

  • A Cruising Office for the company, located in Lucerne

  • Model: CH Explorer 1250-XT