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A prestigious office on the water

Whether as a showroom, training space or workplace – with a Cruising Office, you can let people physically experience the exclusivity and emotionality of what you, as a company, offer: just invite customers, partners and employees on board. Alternatively, you could sail to where they are, for example, during fairs in cities like Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris. 

The Cruising Home office

Whether you choose the CH Traveller or the CH Explorer with all their comfort and a large sun deck, with a Cruising Home as your office, you will radiate exclusivity and quality.

A good and successful example of a Cruising Home as an office is the CH Explorer from the company Mischler Immobilien AG in Lucerne, Switzerland.


Create the ideal setting for your business success

Sail with your customers on the water during nice weather. Up on the sun deck with a light breeze through your hair and a view over the water. An experience that your customers will remember for a long time and that will lead to new ideas together.

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