Individual journeys by water

Colourful city life in Berlin, unspoilt nature in the Frisian Prinsehof or the idyllic French villages along the banks of the Canal du Midi? With a Cruising Home as your travel ship, fascinating impressions are never further away than your next destination. Raise the anchor, start your engine and go on your adventure!

Cruise in
coastal waters

Experience life at sea and gain a glimpse into different cultures: travelling on coastal waters with the Explorer will let you discover the beautifull port towns and breath-taking landscapes of the North Sea, the Baltic, Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean. Whether you stay overnight in a marina or anchor in a remote bay is up to you.


Experience Europe's

inland waters

Travelling by water across Europe with your CRUISING HOME means going with the flow – you have all the horsepower you need and your luxury home comes with you, wherever you are. Do you want to travel on slower waters such as the Danube, Main or Moselle? The Floater is the right model for you. Narrow waterways such as the Frisian canals, Canal du Midi or Berlin network can be travelled with ease in the Explorer or Explorer XT. We will design your vessel so that it passes without a hitch through the locks and swing-bridges of your chosen location.


Do a whistle-stop tour of the harbours of the world

Are you tempted to go even further out? With the sea-going Trawler 2000 you can get away from everyday life with an extended trip at sea: feel the power of the elements and gain a connection with nature that deepens with every nautical mile you put behind you. An experience that will forever enrich your life.


Your entry to a new life


You can find out useful information about travelling and living on the water in “the steps to your Cruising Home”. If you want to find out more relating to individual topics, we will be happy to offer you a free consultation in Harlingen or Düsseldorf.

What boat license do you need?

  • On the Rhine and Elbe, for pleasure craft under 15 metres long; on all other inland waterways in Europe, for pleasure craft under 20 metres: inland pleasure craft license

  • At sea: sea-going pleasure craft license