Exclusive residences on the water

The water slops lazily against the hull, perhaps a couple of swans paddle past, and the first coffee of the day already has the seductive aroma of freedom. On board of your Cruising Home, you will be able to feel close to nature, reduce life to the essentials – and gain new perspectives every day.

Your Cruising Home –
much more than a houseboat

We say “houseboat” – but a CRUISING HOME is much, much more. Our high-quality vessels, with living space from 35 to 75 m², are constructed in such a way as to combine the quality of life of a house with the mobility of a yacht. You will be able to furnish your four walls on the water individually, just as you would an ordinary apartment. Everything is solidly constructed, with generous hold space below for storage and a comfortable ceiling height. Special adjustments, such as wheelchair-friendly extensions, can be incorporated as desired.


Enjoy an uncomplicated life
on the water

Even if you were born a landlubber, you will soon find your sea legs. You can find out useful information on this under “How to get a houseboat”. If you want to find out more relating to individual topics, we will be happy to offer you a personal consultation or at the yard in Harlingen, the Netherlands or in Düsseldorf, Germany


Drop your anchor in attractive marinas and harbours

All CRUISING HOME houseboats are approved as pleasure craft and are welcomed by many marinas and harbours because of their high-quality, elegant design.  Clever details like the Watermaker system and solar panels allow you to live self-sufficiently on board – meaning you can also moor off-grid in whatever beautiful location you have ended up in.

Find freedom in your

floating home

By swapping a house and garden for a comfortable houseboat, you can cast off unnecessary baggage and enrich, stimulate and reinvigorate your life. Want a change of scene? Then full steam ahead to look for your next berth.


Finances in focus: a houseboat gives you maximum flexibility

  • By buying a Cruising Home you are investing in a “mobile asset”. You are exempt from costs such as property tax, property transfer tax or solicitors’ fees.

  • What if you return to the land? You can:

    Rent out your houseboat as a holiday let, earning €150 – 200 per night, depending on the location

    Immobilise your houseboat, convert it to a floating office and rent it out at city marinas