CRUISING HOME will be present at the Hiswa te water boatshow in Lelystad.

We would like to welcome you aboard the brand new CH Explorer 1250 "Wally".


Luxury and leisure on the water

Do you want to live on the water, work on the water and travel the waterways of the world any time you feel like getting away? Welcome to CRUISING HOME, the specialist for custom made and exclusive houseboats.

Ruhige See

Your floating dream 

A CRUISING HOME combines the quality of life of a house with the mobility of a yacht. 

Ruhige See

Your workplace on the water

Sea views inspire – and a CRUISING HOME could also provide an impressive presence for your company. Find out the advantages of a floating office.

Ruhige See

You decide the destination

Here today, gone tomorrow. On board of your  CRUISING HOME, every day has the potential to become the best of your life.