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Steel hull CH Explorer 1500 on transport to Harlingen

Last Saturday morning, the beautiful hull of the new CH Explorer 1500, built for Cruising Home B.V. by Smeding Jachtservice, was transported to Harlingen.
Using special transport, the casco was driven from the steel construction hall early in the morning to the lifting location on the quay at the water's edge, where the CH Explorer 1500 was lifted into the water.
From there, she was transported by push barge to Multiship Holland B.V. in Harlingen. In the coming weeks, the CH Explorer 1500 will be sandblasted and painted at Multiship.

Successful Hiswa te Water boatshow for Cruising Home!

The Hiswa te Water boatshowheld from 31 August - 4 September was very successful for Cruising Home.

We have received many enthusiastic reactions from potential customers who came to see us on board the innovative CH Explorer 1250. Comments like: Refreshing, Innovative, Unique, Progressive and "The new yachting" are a small selection of what we have received of enthusiastic reactions.

Unique in watersports is of course the  Raymarine DockSense Control system, which is installed on board the CH Explorer 1250!

For Cruising Home it was a very successful boat show!
If you are interested in our Cruising Home ships, we would like to invite you to our yard where two Cruising Home ships are currently under construction.

There is also the possibility to test the CH Explorer 1250 with the Raymarine DockSense Control system.

For more information please call or e-mail Marco Brattinga.
0031 (0)646348526


Commissioning of the Raymarine DockSense Control system on board the CH Explorer 1250.


On 6 April, the succesful commissioning of the very first Raymarine DockSense Control system took place on board the CH Explorer 1250.

By means of a 3D joystick from Aventics and various camera and GPS systems, docking a ship has never been easier.
By creating a virtual fender around the ship, the ship will never come closer to the quay and will automatically slow down and position itself and stay in position!
While staying in position, the skipper has all the time in the world to put the lines around the bollards.
Even when waiting for a bridge or lock, the Raymarine DockSense Control system will keep the boat in place fully independently, even in the middle of the water!

First test run with the brand new CH Explorer 1250 "Wally".

The brand new CH Explorer 1250 "Wally" has completed its first successful test run.

In the next few weeks Raymarine and Aventics will do the commissioning of the Raymarine DockSense Control system.

An exciting moment because Cruising Home is the first in Europe to have this highly innovative system installed on one of its ships.

Also on board this CH Explorer 1250 is the stabilisation system from Magnus Master.
The first system worldwide to be fitted to such a type of vessel.

Are you interested in our Cruising Home ships and their magnificent sailing characteristics?
Then sign up for the Cruising Home Experience days on 22-23-24 April 2022.

CH Explorer 1250 "Wally" after the painting phase on its way to the yard for final assembly.

The CH Explorer 1250 has been painted in its final colour and will be assembled in the coming months.
The delivery of this CH Explorer, which will be equipped with innovative technical systems, will take place in the middle of March 2021.

Innovatic technics on board of the new CH Explorer 1250

The Cruising Home Explorer 1250, which is currently under construction, will be an very innovatic Cruising Home.


Her owner plans to travel throughout whole of Europe, from the Baltic Sea, the inland canals, the Canal du Midi up to the Mediterranean, and likes to travel in comfort.

For the comfort on the Baltic, big lakes and the Mediterranean the owner decided to install the MagnusMaster stabilzer system.

By travelling through Europe the CH Explorer 1250 will visit a lot of harbours.  As the key word on this Cruising Home is ' comfort', her owner decided install the very innovative DockSense Control system - assisted docking technoligy - of Raymarine.

Further this CH Explorer 1250 will be equipped with an Biologic Sewage treatment plant of Enteron which Purifies wastewater completely – for the sake of the environment and the yacht owner.

Together with the underfloor heating system of Yacht Floor Heating

and the self contained airco units of Webasto  this Cruising Home Explorer 1250 has all the comforts on board for long comfortable journeys.

CH Explorer 1500 Open deck _ "Edelweiss"
arriving in Switserland

On the 6th of April 2021, the CH Explorer 1500 Open deck  "Edelweiss"  arrived on the low-loader through the Swiss mountains at her home port at the lake of Lucerne.

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