About us

An introduction

Cruising Home was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of SRF Shipbuilding in Harlingen, with the goal to design and build unique houseboats for a wide audience. Today, our clients range from travellers, peace-seekers, former sailors and adventurers to families, second-home owners and artists & musicians who are inspired by changing environments.

All have one thing in common: high demands. These are people who see quality, smart comfort, relevant luxury, excellent performance and lots of space as critical factors for success on every journey. They expect to sense the identity, good taste and inventiveness in their design, as long as it remains a true Cruising Home.

Value retention

Unique houseboats can only be created by taking a non-traditional approach… And that is our true expertise. With a passion for design and technology, the Cruising Home team welcomes the chance to work with owners who – like us – have an inventive mindset and love realising seemingly impossible ideas and dreams. The only limiting factor we insist on is to never make compromises with our quality levels. The renowned Dutch-build standards are key and found in all aspects of our business. This also has clear benefits later should you wish to trade in or sell your Cruising Home houseboat.

Knowing where you stand

Every houseboat and request are different and ensuring expectations are in line is essential to maintain a good relationship with clients during a project. We make a meticulous assessment of the activities to be performed on your boat, offer custom advice with a clear proposal, ensure optimal transparency and provide a feasible schedule so you know exactly where you stand.

Planning is a vital part of the project as Cruising Home does not depend on outside expertise. We have everything in-house to take care of each aspect ourselves: this full-service approach makes us faster, more flexible and offers greater transparency.

The yard

Cruising Home is a 100% subsidiary of SRF Shipbuilding in Friesland (NL) and works from within the SRF yard. This means we have all types of expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and specialists in-house to realise our premium-quality ambitions. We’d be delighted to give you a tour.

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Our service philosophy

Cruising Home sees trust, dedicated service and premium quality as the foundations to achieve a higher purpose: complete customer satisfaction. Happy and repeat clients are our ambassadors and ensure a stable future. That’s why there’s no end date to our service provision: we are available ​​24/7 to maintain your Cruising Home in tip-top condition and resolve any issues that may arise.

Marco Brattinga

Cruising Home B.V.

As the person responsible for sales, advice, project management and the final product, Marco is not just your direct point of contact – he will also oversee the entire build process of your new Cruising Home.

Marco Brattinga: “I look forward to meeting and understanding all your wishes and demands. In return it will be my pleasure to explain all the options we offer. Feel free to email me directly or call +31 (0) 646348526.”

Olivier van Meer

Yacht designer and naval architect

Born on a gaff schooner, Olivier van Meer sailed over 160,000 miles before becoming the youngest licensed captain in the Netherlands. He drew his first sail and motoryacht designs during a professional sailing career that he started as a teenager. In 1985 Olivier decided to follow his dreams and established the OVM office for naval architecture, design and engineering, surrounding himself with specialists who shared his passion. Today, Olivier’s striking designs are renowned for their beautiful balance of form and function, with elegant and timeless lines combining with smart layouts which work well in practice.

Dutch Quality

Our clients often have clear opinions about quality, comfort, luxury, performance and safety. They also have an eye for space and a feel for finish, material use and layouts. To ensure the finest service and cast-iron warrantees, we blend the know-how and experience gained over the past 50 years and translate it into a seamless mix of form and function.

Dutch construction methods bring tradition and innovation together. Despite all the new technologies available to us today, traditional craftsmanship by artisan experts remains key to achieving the desired end result.

Contact us

We are pleased to answer any queries you may have about our models and options. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you asap.

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