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Are you looking for extended cruises along the coast and on the open sea? That’s just what we created the Trawler 2000 for: thanks to its steel hull and bulbous bow, low-lying design and double-glazing, it can stand up to waves over four meters high and winds above 8 on the Beaufort Scale, such as you would meet on the high seas. However, you should avoid extreme weather events such as tropical cyclones, as it is not suitable for them.

Weigh anchor – and never drop it again.

The CRUISING HOME Trawler 2000 is designed so you can live on it permanently. It offers you 60 sqm of living space on two levels and the option of installing up to 8 sleeping berths. In the 20-sqm hold, with a comfortable standing height of 1.90 m, you will be able to store everything you need for a longer voyage. The heating and air conditioning system ensure comfort year-round – with a quiet, powerful generator providing electricity at all times. A 300 HP engine by Volvo provides thrust, while an auxiliary motor of 125 HP ensures safety in an emergency.

Key data

Dimensions: 19.95 mx 6.25 m

Living space: approx. 60.0 sqm

Draft: 2.30 m

Sleeping places: max. 10

Living levels: 3

Relation: All

Storage space: 20.0 sqm, headroom: 1.90 m

Price: On request

You decide how your CRUISING HOME is divided into rooms

The CRUISING HOME Trawler 2000 is designed as a spacious houseboat and pleasure craft with 2-4 ensuite rooms. You could divide up the rooms as follows:

  • Living room with open kitchen and eating nook, with fireplace if desired

  • 1 ensuite bedroom

  • 1 children’s room with ensuite toilet

  • 1 ensuite guest room


  • Hull and superstructure in steel, weight approx. 60 t

  • Living space: 60 m2 over two levels

  • Living space plus open areas: 150 sqm

  • Storage below: 20 sqm at 1.9 m height

  • 300 HP Volvo engine plus 125 HP auxiliary engine

  • Kabola central heating (oil) with blue burner technology

  • CE category A

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