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Long-term solutions for your comfort

The technical solutions we offer you are as individual as your Cruising Home itself. Whether in the drive, waste water system, drinking water treatment or electricity supply – your plans and needs define what tech your houseboat needs and how sustainable and self-sufficient the fittings need to be.


Your CRUISING HOME is driven by a rigid-shaft turbo-diesel engine. Depending on the model, we recommend marine engines by John Deere Marine, Nanni Energy in Blue or Volvo. These manufacturers provide reliable, low-maintenance, fuel-efficient engines and have a broad service network. For vessels with steel hydraulic rudders, spud poles or Tenderlift, John Deere is the engine of choice.

Steering and anchors

In order for you to be able to comfortably and safely manoeuvre your houseboat by joystick when in harbour and steer through locks without difficulty, we can fit it with an optional bow thruster. Here, you can choose between electrical and hydraulic technology – we are happy to advise you. If you have reached your berth, just press a button – and the spud poles will anchor your vessel.

Biological waste water system

The waste water system on board offers you the same comfort as on land. You flush the toilet – and that’s it. With a fully biological treatment system, environmentally hazardous chlorine and other chemicals are not used. You are also completely independent of pump-out stations and the costs associated with them.

Drinking water treatment

In order for you to be self-sufficient in terms of water, especially in winter, a drinking water treatment system can be fitted, allowing you to purify and descale fresh water from lakes and rivers at 60-120 l per hour. As an option, we can also fit this with an integrated UVC steriliser. This is an additional layer of protection, reliably destroying microbes in the water.

Electricity supply

Your CRUISING HOME is fitted as standard with a large battery pack, supplied with on-board and shore power. Would you prefer to be self-sufficient? We can install supplementary lithium ion batteries together with a solar panel on the upper deck. To be completely independent, an inbuilt diesel generator or fuel cell is recommended


Oil or electrical heating ensure your CRUISING HOME remains at a pleasant temperature. The oil heaters from Kabola work using a more efficient, soot-free blue burner technology (TÜV-certified combustion: soot level 0.0) and can run underfloor heating or radiators. The heating oil is stored in a 1000-l tank built into the engine room. Alternatively, we can fit your houseboat with electrical infrared heating. Radiant heat is thought particularly pleasant. In addition, because of the low dust turbulence it causes, this heating is advantageous for those with allergies and asthmatics. A further plus: heat radiation on floors, walls, ceilings and furniture effectively prevents mould growth. There is also the option of having a further heat source in the form of an open fireplace – in addition to your oil or electric heating.

Climate control

On the water, ships heat up particularly quickly in warm weather. With 3M Thinsulate Climate Control window film, you can hinder this effect. The film is applied directly to the windows and provides invisible insulation. At the same time, it blocks up to 99% of UV radiation. On cold days, this extra protection also pays off, reducing heat loss by up to 38%.


With the introduction of the environmentally friendly Shipsonic ultrasound system, poisonous and costly anti-fouling paint is now a thing of the past. The system uses ultrasound emitters attached to the steel hull from the inside that pulse out ultrasound waves that are entirely harmless for people and animals. This makes the hull of your houseboat an unattractive habitat for filamentous algae. This means, in its turn, that molluscs and barnacles will not colonise it. The result: the underwater hull, outlets, rudder and propeller have long-term protection against fouling, thereby lowering your overall operating costs.

Loading aids

Do you want to bring your e-bike along with you? With the telescopic loading crane, you can easily and securely stow heavy or cumbersome items in the forepeak.

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