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Cruising Home Traveller

Cruising Home Traveller models

The Cruising Home Traveller is the first batch of Cruising Home models and still very popular.

Available models;

  • CH Traveller 1250

  • CH Traveller 1500

A well-cruising and functional houseboat designed for inland waterways with a CE category D.

Practical, luxurious and spacious interiors and always built semi custum to customer wishes.

The CH Traveller is mostly built for customers who stay on board all year round.

Thanks to the well-shaped underwater hull, the sailing characteristics are excellent

The main engine gives the CH Traveller a cruising speed of 7 knots.

Manoeuvring in ports is easy due to the bow and stern thrusters.

The large roof terrace offers space for a lounge, outdoor barbecue and solar panels.

CH Traveller 1250 - GA - A1 - 17.05.2021
Download PDF • 1.29MB

CH Traveller 1500 XL Panorama - GA - A1 - 21.07.2020
Download PDF • 2.52MB

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