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Cruising Home Explorer

Cruising Home Explorer models

Designed by Olivier van Meer, the Explorer models are meant to really travel on inland waterways as well as at sea.

Available models;

  • CH Explorer 1250

  • CH Explorer 1500 Open deck

  • CH Explorer 1500

  • CH Explorer 2000

  • CH Explorer 2400

The CH Explorer is mostly built for customers who want to take long trips across sea and/or through Europe.

After all, the CH Explorer is an all-rounder. Dimensioning is such that this model can also pass through France. The CH Explorer 2400 can even cross the Capestang bridge!

But this model also feels at home at sea with a hull shape that is like a sea-going yacht. If desired, it can be fitted with a stabilisation system for even more comfort.

Practical, luxurious and spacious interiors and always built semi custum to customer wishes.

Thanks to the well-shaped underwater hull, the sailing characteristics are excellent

The main engine gives the CH Traveller a cruising speed of 7 knots.

Manoeuvring in ports is easy due to the bow and stern thrusters.

The large roof terrace offers space for a lounge, outdoor barbecue and solar panels.

CH Explorer 1250 - GA - A1 - 21.07.2020
Download PDF • 2.57MB

CH Explorer 1500 - Standard Version (Gehörende zu dem Angebot)
Download PDF • 2.84MB

CH Explorer 2000 - Prel. GA - A1 - 21.11.2022
Download PDF • 2.18MB

CH Explorer 2400 Michels - Preliminary GA - 17.01.2023
Download PDF • 2.10MB

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