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The innovating CH Explorer 1250 "Wally"

Cruising Home BV

15 Apr 2022

Innovatic technics on board of the new CH Explorer 1250

The Cruising Home Explorer 1250, which is currently under construction, will be an very innovatic Cruising Home.

Her owner plans to travel throughout whole of Europe, from the Baltic Sea, the inland canals, the Canal du Midi up to the Mediterranean, and likes to travel in comfort.

For the comfort on the Baltic, big lakes and the Mediterranean the owner decided to install the MagnusMaster stabilzer system.

By travelling through Europe the CH Explorer 1250 will visit a lot of harbours. As the key word on this Cruising Home is ' comfort', her owner decided install the very innovative DockSense Control system - assisted docking technoligy - of Raymarine.

Further this CH Explorer 1250 will be equipped with an Biologic Sewage treatment plant of Enteron which Purifies wastewater completely – for the sake of the environment and the yacht owner.

Together with the underfloor heating system of Yacht Floor Heating

and the self contained airco units of Webasto this Cruising Home Explorer 1250 has all the comforts on board for long comfortable journeys.

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